finding our joy --

i was recently given the opportunity to lead a women's retreat.  the topic was "finding our joy".  i put alot of time and work into the event.  this was the first big retreat i have done - there were 60 ladies present.  i did a small retreat on parables a few years ago for our local church women's group.  i  was so happy -- joyful, to see the women enjoying themselves, and actually looking deep within themselves - all the hard work was rewarded in thier kind words and thank yous.

i've learned many things about joy.  the flower that symbolizes joy is a bird of paradise.  the gerber daisy represents cheerfulness.  the colors rose, pink and golden yellow are the colors symbols of joy.

i've learned that you can't find joy without sorrow.  and your joy may not be someone elses joy.

over the course of the retreat the women taught me somethings about joy.  and as we journeyed through scripture, quiet reflection, group discussions tears and laughter, we began to figure out what we worry about, what we gripe about, and where our joy and graditude lies.

i also had some help - 4 ladies offered programs on thier joy -- music, mission trips, gardening, and volunteer work.  what wonderful witnesses to a joyful life in helping and serving others.

i truly feel blessed to have been given the opportunity.  humbled by the fact that the ladies walked away with a new understanding of thier joy.

i ask you -- what is your joy?