thought provoking . . .

i realized the other day that i haven't written in awhile.  no excuse, just didn't.

i'm not sure how many of you may have been an oprah fan -- i know personally i have watched her off and on in spurts over the 25 years.  i've read some of the book club books, tuned in for inspirational stories -- and wished i had had a seat at one of her "favorite thing" shows like everyone else.

i did, however tune in yesterday for her final show.  i wasn't sure what to expect - i was hoping for something with substance - she had done enough of the giveaways and makeovers in my opinion.

and i got what i wanted -- more importantly, what i needed.  there were no guests, no surprises.  instead she called it a "love letter" to her audience.

there were so many things that she said the resonated with me -- making me teary and emotional, and not because it was her last show.

but, there were 3 things that stood out to me ---

"what's whispering to you? your life is whispering to you, and will you hear it?" 

"use your life to serve the world." 

"do you see me?  do you hear me?"

those things are powerful to me -- and they touched a spot yesterday.  without going in to to much personal detail for "all the world" to see, yesterday's last show was just what i needed.

oprah did it again -- inspired.

her daily presence will be missed, but i do not think we've seen the last of her.  i hope she took a day off -- slept in.  but i'm sure she is off to work at the next thing - i've been watching her OWN network, and there are alot of great shows there.

so -- thanks oprah, for 25 years of thought provoking topics, inspiration, fun, and controversy.