grounded . . .

sigh -- ever feel like you just can't get ahead?  that's how i've been feeling lately.

on sunday afternoon i pulled a muscle in my back.  ouch!!!  well -- monday i had to go to syracuse to pick paul up at the train station - he was just coming back from his annual HOBY trip - to chicago this time.  because of the pulled muscle, my sister drove up and i rode along.  i was also on the go on tuesday ---

long story short --- my back has been getting worse instead of better, nothing i was doing seemed to help -  so decided i'd better go to the doctor's today.  well --- apparently not only do i have a pulled muscle, but i also knocked my pelvis out of whack.  sigh.  how did i manage that you may be wondering  --- good question.  i wish i had a good story -- sky-diving, rescuing a kitten from a tree, a summer camp trapeze accident --- nope, i simple bent over to pick something up off of the floor. sigh ---

anyway -- so he re-aligned my pelvis.  didn't give me any meds for now -- i have to go back on tuesday for him to check it again.  told me to load up on IBU and apply heat -- and REST.  told me the worst thing i could have done was go to syracuse -- sigh.  oh well ----

he also grounded me.  i can only travel for 15- 20 minutes -- and if any of you could see where i live, you would  know that won't get me very far -- town is 10 minutes from here, and not much there.

so -- i had stuff planned -- of course -- for the weekend, a reunion a festival, etc. all atleast an hour drive one way ---sigh.  frustrating.

a friend who called to check in on my said --- "don't you hate when God doesn't check your calender before messing with you"  hehehehe --- exactly!
well -- at least i'm feeling a little better. sigh -- if it's not one thing, it's another - -